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Model Citizen 2015 - 1 - Exhibition
Model Citizen 2015 - 2 - Exhibition
Model Citizen 2015 - 3 - Exhibition
Model Citizen 2015 - 4 - Exhibition
Model Citizen 2015

Fibreglass casts, television components, steel bars, screens, media players

In a world where cultural exchange occurs through the screen, Model Citizen aims to look at how digital surveillance is increasingly prying into personal lives. Governments across the globe are collecting personal information of its citizens at an unprecedented rate. Surveillance of this kind acts as a system of control that can be used against individuals who seemingly don’t act in accordance with the powers that be. The exhibition Model Citizen questions the role these states of power have when gathering and using personal information and what kind of invasions we are willing to allow them in the pursuit of freedom.

Three Points by Benjamin Forster